About the event

The first Bator Tabor Contemporary Art Auction in Budapest was organized in 2005, and we can celebrate already the 19th annual event next year.

We could experience a bit the world of online auctions in the last years, and thankfully we could meet our guests personally in the Kiscell Museum again in 2022, we see, that the online word has become an integral part of our lives. Keeping the spirit of our times our auction will be held in hybrid format next year too. So we can receive online bids from your home and live bids by raising paddles in the room at the same time.

Thanks to our devoted professional jury teams we are proud to present this year a great selection of Hungarian and Central European artworks again. Our auctions draw more and more attention internationally, which obliges us to keep highest quality of the auction material including:

  • 55 – 60 top Hungarian artworks
  • 20 great international art pieces of artists with Hungarian or East-Central European roots
  • 10 talented, but less-known artists, who are not represented by galleries yet

We have 3 different jury teams working on the auction material:

  • The selection of the top Hungarian artists is a result of the largest professional co-operation in the Hungarian art scene so far. With the involvement of our six-member jury Gábor Pados, Margit Valkó, Orsolya Hegedüs, Attila Pőcze, Gábor Einspach and Krisztina Hunya a wonderful Hungarian selection awaits the artlover audience.
  • Carl Kostyál, Daniel Hug, Rózsa Farkas, Peter Peri and András Szántó are the members of our international advisory board with immense authority in the world of art and entrusted to quest for the creative activity of artists with Hungarian and East-Central European roots, living and working abroad, giving them an opportunity to participate in the Auction by presenting one piece each.
  • Few years ago we launched a new initiative to invite young, talented, but less known artists to apply to participate in the auction in an Open Call. Each artist may apply with a single piece of art, possible their best one, and the jury decides about their participation. The tradition will continue also in 2023 with the support of our 3-member jury: Katalin Spengler, Katalin Székely and Rita Kálmán. 

The auction was organized with the operative support and guidance of the Kieselbach Gallery, the leading Hungarian auction house and based on the personal commitment of all participating galleries and artists.

The exhibition of the artworks can be visited in the Kiscell Museum on the auction day, 19th of May, 2023.